Print design is a sensory experience that compliments digital design. It feels authentic, personal, and original. 

The perfect print design and experience is an extension of a smile and handshake after a first meeting. It is the joy of opening an invitation or program for a long anticipated event, or the arrival by mail of a sincere “thank you.” It is the keepsake that tells your personal story with carefully selected words and beautiful photos. The feel of the smooth paper evokes quality, and the appearance speaks louder than words.  

At Teahouse we help you navigate all of your print and paper options. We work with a handful of experienced and trusted printers, and we tediously oversee every detail. We carry out your vision with both creativity and accuracy.



SAP International 5O5 World Championship

"Amie was a tremendous asset to our SAP International 5O5 World Championship event organization. Her professionalism and thoroughness were instrumental in helping us produce an outstanding event program. Amie collaborated with organizers, advertisers, and photographers to assemble all print materials and used her creative talents to arrange them on the pages in a visually appealing style. Above all, Amie's "can do" attitude made her a pleasure to work with."

-Jesse Falsone, Regatta Chair, 2017 SAP International 505 World Championship


Patricks Property Management

“Amie is such a pleasure to work with – she not only is a creative thinker “outside the box”, but her font and photo choices are always spot-on with the feeling we are trying to emit.  Thankfully, she stays on top of our deadlines so that we can focus on our work!"

— Amy Burnes, Office Manager, PATRICKS Property Management Services


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