Relationships and compatibility are a key driver for success -- and they our secret sauce, our family recipe. Our passion lies in helping you design solutions to problems. We pursue an in-depth understanding of you, your goals, and the problem you seek to solve through your business. It's how we all become a team.

Then we put our work to the test.

Teahouse Creatives amplifies your unique voice and business presence through expert branding, web design and marketing. Your company is built on passion. We believe you need a designer and marketing team who can think about the big picture while minding a myriad of details so you don't have to.


We are designers, thinkers, and doers -- all in one.


 eden cafe: albany, New york

eden cafe: albany, New york

It's all in the brand! We start from scratch, we do the work and research, help you create your voice, and ensure your brand is carefully crafted to reflect who you are while speaking properly to your customer audience. 


 2015 sap 505 North American championship program

2015 sap 505 North American championship program

The art of print is alive and well! You've worked hard to build your brand and now it's time to focus on the assets. Let's take your messaging to print and leave people with a memorable and professional impression.


We don't need to tell you the importance of an updated, reliable, and attractive website! We listen to your unique needs and wish list to deliver you a  website on a platform that fits your marketing needs and technical ability.


“For my redesign, we’ve enabled my dreams by creating a site that is set now for success and has built-in room to grow. It will be scary and exciting to have the site. Teahouse Creatives have given me great training to tend the site and have said they’re always available; both are welcome safety nets. Not only do I have a web site, but I have a good education about site design and maintenance processes.

Mia Kali Thea and Teahouse Creatives—a true partnership!”
Melinda Graper, Founder/Director,